Water Kefir update!!!!

5 days ago, I started my water Kefir!  The first step was activating the kefir grains, which start out looking like little amber crystals.  The directions said to put the grains into a glass jar with 4 cups of sugar water.  So, that’s what I did.  Today was the day that I had to drain the water and start the water kefir that we will be drinking.  Below is a picture of the jar I started with and photographed the other day, and next to it is the fresh jar of sugar water that the Kefir will go in to for the next 24 to 48 hours.


When I strained the kefir grains out of the first jar, they had turned into these white puffy grains that are now alive and active!  And they multiplied too!


So now we wait until tomorrow night to see what it looks like!  After tomorrow night, I will start a second fermentation to flavor it and make it fizzy!!  I am turning into a full blown dork. Don’t be jealous!!  Stay tuned!!

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